Shiva Air Network carry a vision to improve the quality of internet service by enabling the customers to spend less and enjoy more. We underscores our commitment to offer you the fastest, most consistent and unmatchable Internet experience.

We have a wide range of plans to choose from that would help customers with enhanced user experience.

We have tailored our plans for Speed, Entertainment, Productivity, Time, Fun, Flexibility, Multiple Devices, and Overall value for money.

We understand that the perfect internet is not only about high speed. It is the perfect combination of incredible speed and incredible FUP, which together deliver an Incredible Internet experience.

No matter the reason why you use the internet - whether for your home or your business; with Shiva Air Network you will become part of a digital world that is incredibly fast, immensely dependable and surprisingly affordable.

Features of Shiva Air Network

Cost effective service with
no hidden charges.

Fast broadband with no throttles
at peak times or blocked ports.

Unlimited bandwidth along with incredible
media peering.

Feature-filled control panel with full
visibility & control.
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